PNW Here We Come

You might have noticed that there hasn't been much activity on our website the past several months. This is because of several huge changes in our lives. 

This past February we had our second son Carson. Carson decided to make a grand entrance and come six weeks early. Boy was I not ready for that! I had my orders and timeline perfectly planned out according to his due date. When my water broke around 11pm Feb 28th all I could think was: This is way too early, I don't even have a hospital bag packed, S*&T I have so many orders I still need to finish! Carson was born the next afternoon and even though he was completely healthy he had to stay in the NICU for 16 days before getting to come home. He has been the best baby and is such a blessing to our family. You would never know he was a preemie, now at 3 months he is almost 15lbs and in 6 month clothes! Please slow down growing!! 

Another big change and the reason we are moving is, my husband is in the Army and just graduated with his Masters in Physician Assistant Studies (He takes the PANCE in two days and is studying 24/7). He is getting stationed at Joint Base Lewis/McCord in Washington. 

However we have been told to expect him to deploy sometime shortly after we get there. For this reason we will be moving in with my parents in Oregon until he gets back. I am so thankful for this because it is really tough caring for a 4year old and a baby, along with running my own business. My parents are the best and are excited to help out. 

Salato will be reopening the beginning of July, so only a few weeks away. Please feel free to follow us on Instagram to check out new products, hear news about the reopening, sales, and giveaways. 

I can't wait to jump full steam head once my new studio is set up. Thanks for all your support! 



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